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Continuing  Education Requirements

License year: July 1 to June 30

​License period: 2 years

​First License Period: 

New licensees must renew their licenses at the second June after their license has been activated. 

For example, if a license was activated in October 2016, the second June would be June of 2018. The renewal requirement is a total of 30 hours must have been completed to renew. Since the first portion of the initial license period is unpredictable (it may be a month long or 11.5 months long, a license does not need to take any required courses or minimum hours by the first June.

After the first June to the second June, a license must take the required module and have completed a total of 30 hours of CE. The required module is a part of the 30 hours. As part of the 30 hours, a licensee must also have completed one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing CE.

Ongoing License Renewal:

Every two years, a license must complete CE in the following manner:

In the first year of the two year licensing period, a licensee must complete a minimum of 15 hours of CE. As part of the 15 hours, the licensee must take the required module.

In the second year of the two year licensing period, a licensee must achieve a minimum total of 30 hours. Part of the second year is that all licensees (commercial licensees who requested have an exemption) must complete the required module of the second year.

As part of the two year license period, licensees must have completed 1 hour of agency and 1 hour of fair housing as part of the CE's taken. 

Code of Ethics:

While it is not required to take a Code  of Ethics class to maintain an active license, it is required to maintain membership in the Association of REALTORS. REALTORS® are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within two-year cycles.     A new two-year cycle began January 1, 2017. The deadline for this cycle is December 31, 2018.

Training may be completed through local REALTOR® associations or through another method, such as home study, correspondence, classroom courses, or online courses. You may or may not receive CE Credits for these classes. MN Realty School does not offer Code of Ethics classes. Please check with education provider if CE credits are supplied.

Reporting of hours:

A licensee may check their credits earned through a website identified by the State of Minnesota. The website is Pulse Portal. Credits will appear within 10 days of class completion. If your hours do not appear, please contact your education provider.


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