Enter a student. Leave an Agent!

​2018-2019 Risk Management (Required module): Today’s complex real estate transactions are full of challenges and expose licensees to a number of high areas of risk. This course is designed to explore agency issues, disclosure requirements, negotiation issues, cancellation concerns, contracts and contingencies and will provide guidance on reducing risk liability exposure. (This Module Also Satisfies the 1-Hour Broker Module Requirement.)  

What's New 2019?: ​​This 3.75-hour class will expose the students to the new forms the Minnesota Association of REALTORS ® has introduced for the 2018-2019 season. As laws change and the need for disclosures becomes more important, forms are updated to reflect the legislation and legal requirements of a seller and buyer of property. By attending this course, licensees will learn the changes to the forms, the meaning behind them and how to explain the covenants/obligations to their consumers. (MN Realty School has the express copyright permission to use forms from the MN Association of REALTORS(r). 

Minnesota to Wisconsin License: By attending this 13-hour course, students will learn about listing contracts, offers to buy/sell real estate, buyer representation, consumer protections and housing guidelines. This course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services as meeting the requirements for obtaining a license in Wisconsin. Although this is a 13 hour course, Minnesota agents earn 7.5 hours for Minnesota Continuing Education credits due to the value to sales associates and the parallel content which is contained in more than half this course for Minnesota associates. 

Avoid Jeopardizing your License: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed to the laws regulating license activity called Chapter 82. By reviewing these statutes, licensees will be more aware of their standards of performance expected by law. Consequences can be severe and carry stiff penalties like financial fines, gross misdemeanor charges and more. Agents will learn about the requirement for providing Agency Disclosures at substantive contact and the protections afforded to consumers so that all consumers are treated fairly. This course satisfies one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing.

Be a Stellar Buyer's Rep: By attending this 3.75 hour class, students will be exposed to the intricacies of dealing with buyers in today's market. Multiple offers, professional representation and frustrated buyers make today's job exciting, fun and frustrating! Learning how to manage offers, excited buyers and fellow agents should be on every buyer agents list of things to accomplish. Learning different showing techniques and interview questions will assist in representing buyers correctly.

Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE-1): By attending this 12-hour course, students will learn about negotiating styles, tactics and persuasion. Real estate transactions require high levels of skill in the art of negotiating and by learning how to create win-win scenarios for buyers and sellers is crucial in today’s marketplace. By learning how to gather data, probing techniques and skills, licensees will become more successful in their negotiations.

​Code of Ethics: This 3.75-hour class will expose the attendees to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics establishes the foundation on how REALTORS® are to operate as professionals in the Real Estate Industry. The 17 Articles of the Code of Ethics defines a higher standard of professionalism and behavior in three categories: Duties to Customers and Clients, Duties to the Public, and Duties to other REALTORS®. Members agree to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Standards of Practice for each of the 17 Articles and are subject to be sanctioned if found to be in violation of any article. 

Credit Genie: By attending this 3.75 hour course, students will learn about how the credit scoring system works, how to maximize credit scoring, what the truth is regarding credit scores, the various FICO scoring methods, and other credit scoring systems.  We will go over the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the building blocks of a credit score, the 5 pillars of a FICO score, where to obtain official credit reports and the effects of bad actions in FICO scoring.

Customs and Cultures: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate licensees will learn about the changing demographic of Minnesota population. By examining the diversity of the population, licensees will gain insight as to unique cultural aspects of different groups to better effect communication and serve consumers well. Discussing agency terms can be a foreign concept for a real estate consumer especially if English is not their first language. By reviewing agency disclosure requirements, licensees will be exposed to a better understanding of agency terms and how to explain them to a consumer 

H2 oh no!: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed  to the water issues facing homes- by examining how wells are constructed, tested and sealed, students will gain an understanding as to how homeowners should maintain wells and what lenders may require before closing. Septic tanks will discussed and students will learn about setback requirements, types of septic tanks and costs to replace. Mold is prevalent in wet houses and students will be given information on the differences in mold types, abatement and problems mold may present. Lastly, basements will be discussed and the different methods of dampness abatement will be shared---from drain tiles and sump pumps to gutters and grading.​

How does this Measure Up?

This 3.75-hour class will expose the students to the requirements to measure a property. Understanding the total finished footage of a property is vitally important in determining price. By attending this class, students will learn the effective ways to measure unusually shaped properties, determine if a room is ‘conforming’ and how to not misrepresent a listing. You will learn to understand how to measure the exterior and interior dimensions, calculate square footage, determine value using square footage and understanding the value difference between above and below grade SF

Negotiate with Confidence: This 3.75 hour course covers the details of negotiating contracts- from listing to purchase to closing. Skills such as negotiation are expected to be sharp by consumers. In attending this course, students will learn of different personalities and how to negotiate effectively with them. Tips are shared on ways to come to a win-win scenario with your contracts.

Scams, scoundrels and Stings: In this popular 3.75 hour course, students will learn about online scams, wire fraud, identity theft and personal protection. Attacks are being made on consumers and agents regularly whether they are attacking us financially, physically or otherwise. This course helps associates identify 'red flags' to avoid being a victim.

You be the Judge: By attending this 3.75 hour course, students will be exposed to disputes where the students will have the opportunity to be the interviewer/investigator and decision maker of whether violations have occurred. Violations of Law (Chapters 82, 515b, 580-582) are explored in a setting where the case study will be presented as a complaint and prepared opening remarks are provided by the complainant and the respondent. The student will be able to ask questions to ascertain whether there was a violation of law or not and then each ‘side’ will make their prepared closing statements.

At the end of each case study, the determination of violation will be shared. The Minnesota Department of Commerce investigates hundreds of complaints each year. Findings result in revocations, suspensions, fines and/or gross misdemeanor charges. By attending this course, students will learn the processes from complaint to resolution and more importantly, the students will learn the common mistakes and how to avoid them in the future. 


Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts
Course 2: Wisconsin Offers to Purchase
Course 3: Wisconsin New Developments 
Course 4: Ethics and Best Practices Includes the NAR Code of Ethics requirements.

Elective C: Financing
Elective D: Other Wisconsin-approved Forms