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The MN Realty School can provide training for you, your team, your brokerage at your location at a fair price! Contact us today to arrange!  All the below courses are approved by the Minnesota Department of Commerce for real estate continuing education for the hours listed

12 hours of CE

CERTIFIED NEGOTIATION EXPERT: By attending this 2-day course, students will learn about negotiating styles, tactics and persuasion. Real estate transactions require high levels of skill in the art of negotiating and by learning how to create win-win scenarios for buyers and sellers is crucial in today’s marketplace. By learning how to gather data, probing techniques and skills, licensees will become more successful in their negotiations.

This Class Gives You:
∙ 12 CE Hours
∙ The CNE® Designation
∙ Negotiation Scripts
∙ Live Class Role Playing
∙ Workbook and Listing Worksheets
∙ 24/7 Access to Online Class Materials
∙ Membership to Our Private Facebook Group

3.75 hours

2017-2018 Agency, fair housing and special entities authority (Required Module)

​This course covers Agency Law, its history, foundation, and Minnesota License rules regarding relationships in a real estate transaction. This course will also look at federal Fair Housing law, its history, rules, and regulations. Prohibitions under the federal Fair Housing Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act will be covered. Additionally, the class will review the laws and requirements pertaining to real estate transactions involving special entities as parties in real estate transactions. It will focus on issues that arise for real estate licensees from the time of customer inquiries through entering into a Purchase Agreement. Special entities covered will include powers of attorney, trusts, estates, guardianships, conservatorships, divorces and corporate entities. 

​Avoid Jeopardizing your license: agents will learn about the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s enforcement actions, what transgressions to avoid and spot and how to steer clear of any complications stemming from someone’s activities. By examining recent rulings, case studies and general discussions, agents will learn situations to avoid and possibly report. The identification of harmful behaviors is shared and solutions are examined. When called into the Department of Commerce for a question, there are compliance issues which we cover. This class is an excellent source for agents to learn how to avoid any ‘icky’ problems. (Covers one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing)

Be a stellar buyer rep:  In this 3.75 hour class, agents will learn how to effectively take care of a purchaser by providing top notch service. “What do you want” is examined and explored as we delve into the minds of buyers. We examine how to service a buyer by proper questioning and diving deeper into what the consumers ‘needs’ are. We introduce the Agency Relationship in Real Estate Transaction forms and provide simple, clear explanations of what the form says in order to better educate the buyer and comply with state law. We learn the buzzwords and phrases to avoid in order to have every client feel they are being treated fairly. (pending approval)

Be a stellar seller rep: In this 3.75 hour class, agents will learn what sellers really want from their listing agent and how to deliver the service expected. Sellers have many choices of real estate agents and the question we need to answer is why you? Sellers have an expectation of service and this class explains their desires and wants. More importantly, we discuss different methods to satisfy the seller’s needs. There are many marketing tools and technology aids to assist in making sure your client is taken care of very well. Agents will also learn about agency and the importance of representing someone. Fiduciary duties, compensation, job duties all blend together and in this class, we clarify the agency relationship in an easy to understand manner. Fair Housing is everyone’s business, and in our Fair Housing hour, we learn about the shifting demographics, the opportunities which exist and the importance of fairness. (pending approval)

Customs and Cultures: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate licensees will learn about the changing demographic of Minnesota population. By examining the diversity of the population, licensees will gain insight as to unique cultural aspects of different groups to better effect communication and serve consumers well. Discussing agency terms can be a foreign concept for a real estate consumer especially if English is not their first language. By reviewing agency disclosure requirements, licensees will be exposed to a better understanding of agency terms and how to explain them to a consumer (Covers one hour of agency!)

Hi Tech in a Hi Touch World: Moving is a stressful event and technology could be a hindrance or a helper. We discuss the implications of personal relationships balanced with tech. Forecasters predict that technology will change at an even faster pace- nano robots, cyborgs and more! Learn how to effectively work with a consumer through the real estate sale without losing touch!

H2 oh no!: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed  to the water issues facing homes- by examining how wells are constructed, tested and sealed, students will gain an understanding as to how homeowners should maintain wells and what lenders may require before closing. Septic tanks will discussed and students will learn about setback requirements, types of septic tanks and costs to replace. Mold is prevalent in wet houses and students will be given information on the differences in mold types, abatement and problems mold may present. Lastly, basements will be discussed and the different methods of dampness abatement will be shared---from drain tiles and sump pumps to gutters and grading.​

Negotiate with Confidence: In this 3.75 hour class, agents will learn skills in negotiation to assist in getting offers accepted, contracts signed and consumers engaged in the real estate sale. Many times, agents run into negotiations which run aground. With this class, we explore and examine the many options, tactics and solutions to stalled negotiations.

Scams, scoundrels and stings, oh my! : In this 3.75 hour class, students will be exposed to the scams that are perpetrated on consumers, what the “red flags” to be aware of are, physical threats and security issues facing a buyer and seller. In today’s world, where criminals see an open house as being a ripe target, agents need to be aware of the dangers and how to handle themselves to protect themselves and their clients. Many times, agents and consumers find they are in a compromised situation and need solutions to extricate and exonerate themselves. This class will demonstrate the safety measures that can be used to protect them self and their clients (Covers one hour of fair housing)

Social Media and Internet Advertising: In this 3.75 hour class, students will learn about the different forms of social media and how to appropriately advertise on those web sites. Minnesota has revised laws regarding advertising via these online media. Agents will learn what the requirements for disclosures, how to leverage various media for better results and to become more visible to their consumers while being compliant with various laws. (Covers one hour of agency)

What’s New 2017?: By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed to the changes in Minnesota Association of REALTORS ® Forms which changed Aug. 1 2016.  By learning more about the changes, students will be better able to represent buyers and sellers in a real estate sale/purchase. By highlighting the changes and exploring them in detail, students will gain a better understanding of the obligations of the contracts and how to complete them correctly.

1 hour

Agency Agents will gain an understanding of how important it is to share with a consumer “Agency”.  Agents will learn how and when to provide disclosure to a consumer.

Fair Housing Agents will learn that what to watch for in treating people fairly.  All people deserve a chance for Fair Housing.  This module identifies pitfalls and speed bumps to avoid

Radon-the silent killer: In this one hour course, agents will learn the ways radon gets into a property, ways to cure the problem and the dangers that exist with radon exposure. In January 2014, Minnesota passed a law called the Radon Awareness Act which requires real estate agents to inform their sellers of certain disclosure requirements and for the buyers to receive documentation from the Minnesota Department of Health about radon.