Enter a student. Leave an Agent!

*Note: This cannot be used with other discounts.

At MN Realty School, there's no paperwork to complete, forms to fill out, processing to be done or approvals that we are waiting for.

Simply provide proof of service (Active ID or a DD-214). 

All service m​embers who were generally and honorably discharged and all active US Service Members will receive a discount for Courses 1, 2

and 3!

It's our way of saying "thank you".

Our country can never repay the debt we owe our nation’s veterans and current active duty military personnel. These are the Americans who answered the call to duty and put their lives on the line to preserve our nation’s freedoms.

As our veterans and active military personnel decide to start a new vocation, the MN Realty School wants to make it easier and simpler for our  men and women to attend real estate license school.